Piaggio Bravo saddle transformation

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Piaggio Bravo saddle transformation

The restoration of one of the two saddles of the only Apulians who will participate on April 18th in the Camel Rally organized by the sports association BRADOS TRAVEL STYLE is the work of AS DESIGN.

The only two from Salento in this race of just under 4000 km, from Biella to Marrakech in Morocco. A demanding challenge in the name of a fundraiser for the children of the pediatric oncohematology department of the "SANTISSIMA ANNUNZIATA" hospital in Taranto. In fact, portraits and T-shirts made especially for the event will be sold. A journey therefore between Italy, France, Spain and Morocco. A daily goal of 250 km and at least 6 hours in the saddle.

Our client, a 39-year-old photographer from Lecce, Giulio Romito arrived in our workshop with the intention of restoring the seat of his 1972 Bravo moped before (and on the occasion of) his imminent departure.

Biagio's saddle, the name he gave to the car, was practically non-existent. In fact, it required more than a complete restyling, proper to the creation as well as the lining, proper to the padding itself, as it consisted of the frame alone.

After having studied what to do, we at AS Design therefore intervened on the padding, as you can see in the photo, recreating it from scratch and modeling it according to the original shapes but with clearly superior comfort. In order to be able to face such a long and arduous journey more comfortably.

After making the patterns, we designed and created the saddle cover, drawing every single piece on fabric, which we then cut out and then later assembled.

The fabrics chosen for the various pieces were different, from the aged effect to the Canvas effect, precisely to recreate a particularly vintage effect.

In a second step we coupled the fabric with a sponge to proceed with the design of the quilts.

Even the striped texture with a perimeter edge of two and a half centimeters was not chosen by chance. The idea was to bring a seat that made the history of the PIAGGIO company "to its old glory", without distorting its line.

Once all the pieces were prepared, we then sewed them together in painstaking precision work


Here is the finished saddle. The result achieved is exactly the one thought and hoped for by both the customer and us at AS Design!


In dark brown color our brand AS Design accompanying the work done.

Happy to have contributed to this project, happy with the initiative and happy to reach Morocco ;-)

A saddle with clean lines, simple but at the same time so characteristic of a name and of a bygone era that still remains alive in the hearts of lovers of the genre.

In the photo the saddle mounted on BIAGGIO, the 1972 Bravo moped ready for departure!

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