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Our saddles conceived, designed and built for LOWRIDE, LOWRIDE S, LOWRIDER ST and SPORT GLIDE are having enormous and unexpected success.
The most popular question is about the differences between the three models offered: SPORT SQUARE, SQUARE LINE and TOUR SQUARE.
All three saddles have been designed and created to offer greater travel comfort than the saddle supplied with the bike.
But let's see in detail the differences and the technical data:
SPORT SQUARE is a saddle with a sporty line, higher than the original saddle because it is more padded.
TOUR SQUARE is certainly the most comfortable of the three as it has a wider and more enveloping pilot seat. Suitable for lovers of long journeys.
SQUARE LINE is an excellent compromise between the two saddles, for those who want to travel in comfort without giving up a slimmer and sportier saddle.
In all three models the size of the pilot seat is identical. The SPORT SQUARE, having a sportier line, has a thinner passenger seat and consequently the rider's shoulder is also lower.

The differences between the three saddle models essentially lie not only in the customer's personal taste, but also and above all in the comfort of the passenger seat.


The TOUR SQUARE is the widest of all three and is the most comfortable for the passenger and obviously also for the rider.


The SQUARE LINE has the exact same profile as the Tour Square, but is much narrower.


The SPORT SQUARE is the one with the sportiest line. As mentioned, the pilot seat is identical to that of the other two but with a little less rider shoulder height, as the passenger seat is lower.

All of our saddles (as well as all of our work) arise from the need to provide a more comfortable product than the one that comes out of the parent companies. For years we have conducted a study, tested and experimented with different types of padding and processing methods until we reach the optimal standard, which is what we offer to all our customers.
So which of the three models to choose?
Let's say that it depends not only on personal taste, but also on the intended use of the bike.
If you intend to maintain an aggressive and sporty line while losing a little comfort on the passenger, the suitable saddle model is SPORT SQUARE
If you want an absolutely comfortable saddle for rider and passenger, surely the right model is  TOUR SQUARE.
If, on the other hand, you want a middle ground between sportiness and comfort, the SQUARE LINE it is undoubtedly the model to be preferred over the other two, as it maintains the identical profile of the TOUR SQUARE but with a smaller width.

If you are still undecided about which model to choose, you can contact us by email and we will recommend the saddle that best suits your needs and tastes!


Obviously all three models can be customized both in the lining, in the texture and in the colors of the thread, and by inserting the gel inside the padding to further increase comfort.


It is also possible to add customization such as embroidering logos or writings.

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