Honda X ADV 750

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Halfway between motorcycle and scooter, Honda's X ADV 750 has no similar competitors. An ingenious combination of the style of an SUV and the practicality of a maxi-scooter, but with all the technical and dynamic qualities of a motorcycle. The scooter offers the possibility of moving on any terrain, with or without luggage in tow, retaining that sporty and adventurous spirit that pushes you to escape from routine and allows you to cross a beautiful off-road trail drifting with class.


The heart of the X-ADV is the 745 cc twin-cylinder engine with 6-speed DCT sequential gearbox. Taking advantage of the 750 range as a mechanical base, the power and torque values ​​of 55 HP at 6,250 rpm and 68 Nm at 4,750 rpm guarantee blistering acceleration and vigorous pick-up, as well as excellent top speed. 


What you see in the picture is the scooter with the original saddle. The customer complained of a certain stiffness in the seat, a hardness that affected the comfort and pleasure of the journey.


Removing an X-ADV 750 saddle is not easy. The lining is well welded to the padding and it is necessary to use a certain care in trying to separate them, avoiding excessively damaging the saddle.


Furthermore, it must be said that in all cases in which the lining is glued to the padding, the rigidity of the saddle inevitably increases.


We have therefore taken steps to make the saddle more comfortable, thickening it by a few centimetres, raising the seat.


We then rebuilt the passenger brake, as you can see in the photos below.


Once the padding was remodeled, working until it obtained the shape we wanted, it was decided to intervene to make it even more comfortable.


We have thus inserted a thin layer of gel inside the padding.


Once this was done, the entire saddle was covered with a layer of black sponge, to make everything uniform.


The customer decided to keep the aesthetics of the saddle similar to the original one, following the shapes of the parent company.


Black and gray were chosen as colors. The stitching design gives the scooter a linear and streamlined look.


The X-ADV writing on the backrest personalises and completes the job.


The result is certainly a very comfortable saddle, suitable for long mileage and very sporty, to fully reflect the adventure style of the vehicle.

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